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Break the boundaries in capturing yourself with flexsmart™ - an AI-powered Tracking Phone Mount designed to revolutionize the future of solo video production - everything you need to always be in the spotlight.


With flexsmart™, you can effortlessly make your smartphone follow your body or face on a video call, or create an amazing video in seconds, as if you have a personal camera crew for pro-type content that significantly reduces time and costs when filming alone.


It features advanced AI technology with auto-tracking capabilities and versatile orientation (portrait or landscape) to keep you in the center of the camera frame, capturing every move for your conference call, live streaming, vlogging, creating TikTok/YouTube video, or shooting performance.

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How it works?

Start in seconds

Setting up Flexsmart is a breeze. Simply attach your smartphone, press the button, and let the AI algorithms do the rest. The tripod will automatically recognize you and begin tracking your movements without requiring an app or additional setup.

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Smart Gesture control

Hands-Free Operation

With smart gesture control, you can operate it hands-free while you focus on perfecting your moves using simple gestures like the 'OK' sign to start tracking and 'an open palm' to stop it.

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Use It Anywhere

Compact pocket-sized partner

Flexsmart is so small that it easily slips into your pocket or bag, making it simpler than ever to record your perfomance. 

Additionally, it can be mounted on a tripod with a standard 1/4’’ universal interface at the bottom for further angle and height adjustments.

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For who?

Vlog / Shooting / Live Streaming

Share your best moments with a community of like-minded individuals. Inspire others and show off your victories in style. With innovative AI technology, you can livestream anytime anywhere.

Enhance your live streaming and engage with your audience on social media by capturing content in a 9:16 format. Simply rotate your phone vertically for better image quality on mobile devices.

Sport / Dancing Class / Yoga

With automatic framing, you'll always be center stage.  Focus on your performance or workout routine while a pocket-sized Flexsmart catches the action. Ready to capture your progress? Flexsmart is here to make it happen. Gain valuable insights to improve faster: from solo practice to coaching sessions, Flexsmart is your trusty training partner. Capture every move, analyze your performance, and unlock your full potential.

Conference Calls / Real estate

Say goodbye to the days of hand-holding your phone camera during important calls or online presentations. Enhance your video calls with clients by using Flexsmart for more professional online communication. Wherever you go, Flexsmart will track your movements using its AI-powered motion tracking and capture dynamic videos during listing presentations, video calls, and home tours. 

Online Courses / Cooking / Remote Teaching

Give lessons or get real-time feedback via video call with Flexsmart.

Wherever you go, Flexsmart - AI-powered Tracking tripod follows to capture every expression and movement, keeping you in the center of the video frame and ensuring you never walk out of the screen. 

Horse Riding

Transform your smartphone into a horse-tracking camera that captures your ride from every angle. Flexsmart makes it easy to instantly review your own footage to improve your skills or share it with your coach after practice. With advanced 360 AI horse-tracking, this compact device lets you film in both portrait and landscape modes. It effortlessly tracks every movement, allowing you to concentrate on your ride, create exceptional content, review your footage, and share it with your coach for real-time feedback and video lessons. Flexsmart makes it simple to analyze your form and pinpoint weaknesses in your ride.

  • Hassle-free setup — focus on your ride while Flexsmart focuses on you
  • Film hands-free with AI horse-tracking
  • Study your rides and connect with coaches
  • Share your best moments to inspire others

Control at the moment - all focus is on you

Control at the moment - all focus is on you

I’m really impressed with this tracker! The 360° rotation and adjustable clip make sure I’m always in frame, no matter how much I move. The top-down view option is a great addition for shots. Plus, it can be set up vertically to capture videos in a 9:16 format, perfect for social media without any cropping. It’s exactly what I needed for my content creation!

Jessica, Influencer coach

First-Hand Experience: See our product in action!

Compatible Phone Width: 40-80 mm

Working Range: 1-3 meters

Dimensions: 220 x 95 x 95 mm

Battery Capaticy: 1200 mAh

Weight: 270 g

  • Designed for effortless solo filming and freedom to capture dynamic moments
  • Smart Gesture Control for hands-free operation
  • Compatible with standard tripod mounts for angle and height adjustments
  • Innovative AI technology and versatile modes giving creators more flexibility to achieve their desired video quality
  • No app is required. Thanks to the built-in wide-angle camera and the Al image processor, the Flexsmart auto-tracking phone mount can finish all the tracking algorithms by itself and doesn't require any extra App or Bluetooth connection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
John Smith

As a fitness instructor I teach and attend classes both, I am always looking for good tools to deliver engaging live sessions and capture my postures. This Flexsmart AI tripod is ideal for me. It's lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry anywhere, and its quick installation on a standard tripod extends its filming possibilities. The precision of its face and movement tracking is impeccable. With its 360-degree rotation capability, it offers perfect speed without causing any dizziness in the video. It seamlessly follows my every move, ensuring that I remain centered in the frame throughout my workouts. Plus, it's super easy to use with its remote control. Whether I'm teaching or filming, it's always reliable.

I love how foolproof it is (especially when I need to set everything up quickly before class), and the results have been good. Will try to use it outdoor this weekend.

Mary Johnson

Works perfectly. Spins pretty fast, turns 360 degrees. Adjustable tracking camera tilt. The phones (I have both small and large) fix securely. It is possible to turn the phone horizontally and vertically and still tilt back. No additional application is needed. USB C charging. There is a stand, charging cable included.

James Brown

This FLEXSMART Phone Holder with Remote is one of those items I didn’t know I needed it till I had one. This gadget makes it so easy to have hands free face-time calls with friends and family while I’m cooking dinner or working in my sewing room. I can move about freely and I don’t have to be anchored physically to the phone. The phone follows me around the room so I don’t have to stay in one place.

Patricia Davis

Very functional piece of tool for self video recording or conference video call on mobile phone. I had to make some minor modifications to attach action camera to use for live streaming, and it does the job and follows the person accurately. Comes with stand and usb charging cable. I was also surprised to find a Bluetooth remote shutter in the box which is very comfortable to use while recording the clips. The battery also lasts for a considerable amount of time and also has a 1/4 inch tread for tripod setup.

Robert Miller

This device is very cool and even helpful.
• Quality - everything seems to be of super good quality, even the box.
• Gesture Control - works flawlessly.
• Face Tracking - works fine with no the delay.
• Mounting adjustability - you can use the provided base or any other 1/4" mounting hardware.
• Angle adjustment - can be vertical or horizontal. It is also tilting adjustable (I discovered this after having to use a tripod to have a better angle 🤦🏽‍♂️).
• Power - it comes with a USB charging cable and has a good long lasting charge.
• Price - reasonable.

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